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David Phillips

David Phillips – postcards not sent no.4

David Phillips – postcards not sent no.4

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These small paintings are inspired by postcards, something that we rarely send now in the age of Instagram. They are painted from memory. Places that I have been to and places where I want to go. In general, my paintings are investigations into the ways that landscape has been changed and can be changed so that it can become a medium for communication.

I grew up in rural Wales and I often return to images of these hills in my work. I believe we have still to resolve an understanding of nature that balances the emotional responses of the Romantic movement with the pragmatic forces of realism and modernity. In particular, my paintings are influenced by the landscape painters of the 17th century, especially Nicolas Poussin, Claude Lorrain and the now little-regarded artists Gaspard Dughet and Crescenzio Onofri.

Postcards not sent: 
size: 18 x 16 cm (unframed)



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